Welcome to my Personal website.

This web site started as a CV, for when I was looking for work, but I'm now a partner in IMIGEA LTD , which is an Edinburgh based multimedia/web games company. However, it is now here more as a general interest site. You can still see my details here, but all multimedia work described herein should now go through IMIGEA.

In other words, now it's mainly about showing off!

Being involved entirely in the creation of objects, and art-works that should be seen, it seems only common sense that it should be represented online, where you can actually see and interact with them, as opposed to the conventionally printed CV. This is what the web is best at!

Here you will find, amongst other things, web games, paintings, drawings, computer generated artwork and design, a bit about me, and even some photos of mushrooms.

Also note that My wife, Louise also has her art on this website. I'm trying to get together a few like-minded alternative style artists on display here. All of the paintings that I've sold have been sold terrestrially as yet, I'm afraid, bu tabout 1000 people per month do actually come and have a look at this stuff, and I want these numbers to grow. If you are an artist that feels that your art would look good here, do get in touch. I won't promise anything, but if I like it, I might stick it up.