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A long standing question for me has been whether or not to do tarot cards.

I have done rune cards, I have done them well, but you do not need rune cards. Runes are best on their own.

You are unlikely to become interested in fortune telling and folk magic without banging into the tarot alot.

My initial feelings to tarot were not that good, but over the years some of the symbolism has begun to connect with me much more.

I would love feedback on this project:

You'll see that I've tried quite a few styles and indeed ideologies.

Looking at this are any of these Tarot decks something that you'd want?

I have been wrestling between two very different approaches. The fanatically faithful but modernish, and then the prmary meaning but gone mad with, and wholly pagan. What do you think?

Then there is simple line drawings or flat colour which would be faster and cheaper, or full on paintings. Any opinions here?

Also, this is a huge project. It will stop all others for a long period. Looking about my site would you want me doing this, or do you think I'm better used elsewhere?

I would truly love YOUR opinions about this.

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