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I like angels. I consider angels, at least the girls with wings that we have in the western world, as pagan. Crazy as that might sound the winged lady that resides in that other plane both apparently predates angels and is visible across the world to my knowledge. I was trying to do sad but floaty, I think a lot of my stuff is very "grounded" feeling, like a world where solids are too solid and even water is treacle. It was done to a backdrop of shoegazing music and somehow that's important. Also note for some strange reason the pigeon LOVED this one, it likes perching on paintings but was truly oddly drawn. Maybe that's promising, maybe it's just pigeons really do genuinely have a bit of a thing for statues. also, note to brother, this is the drippy painting you saw. I loved the drip pattern but it didn't survive other than as the "windows" at the top. A lot of my stuff starts life very experimental and free but by the time I'm happy (happy enough) with the drawing, it has tightened up and moved beyond recognition. Acrylic on canvas 40 by 60 cm and finished in 2018.


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