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Visionchips is 70*50 cm large on canvas. It's rather unglamorous title was chosen by it's rather odd take on a spiritual theme. A quick glance around this site will quickly pinpoint me as a man of mystical aspirations if not ability. Mystical events in life are rare and fleeting for me nowadays, I don't even particularly dream heaps right now, but sometimes late at night I see people. Given the choice I'd be parlying with dragons and the ancient gods of Egypt, but what visions I get are of quite ordinary and contemporary people. Whether these are the rotting of my brain, or genuine whatevers, they neither fit my egotistical choices nor always strike me as the kind of folks that would readily connect with me, and I find the experience jarring. It reminds me of tradition, and ancestry, real ancestry. There seems a big push cultural this way, and pagan, and lover of the ancient though i am, I am totally a modernist. My logic being, honour your ancestors as they did theirs. Our past is full of the deleteion and censorship of older, sometimes better ideas. Our ancestors weren't very respectful at all. I am more drawn to what our ancestors readily ditched than to what they held dear, and that makes me quite an abrasive and difficult character to many.


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