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Waitingforthenight4 is acrylic on canvas 46cm by 61. I've had a few cracks at illustrating the song waiting for the night, but to be honest this was just me painting for the sake of it. Yet somehow it's the closest fit. I let myself go with the urge to use literally no red or yellow in this painting, which always feels like cheating despite the fact that I like painting low light, where colour becomes fairly obtuse anyway. Part of my thought process here was a focus on the times where maybe we aspire to the spiritual and get cold instead, but the picture definately has a spiritual feeling. As I get older I begin to suspect that earthy stuff like eating, shitting, sex, friendship and the lack of are indeed our purpose as well as being hot, cold, wet, muddy and being bitten by insects. If we were born for some lofty retreat into the self, we'd have been better equipped for it, like birds are generally equipped for flight. I suspect that disconnection and independance from worldly experience are the furthest one can get from the truth, despite my tendencies towards these ideals.


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