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Wsetoftheibis is approx 50*70cm, acrylic on canvas. The pose of this painting was meant to be something respectful, after a bout of recent paintings of female divinities showing depression, distress, abandon, and collapse on some level. Wset or Isis may be one of the longest surviving deities as well as having parallels in the 6th millenium BCE Ishtar, and the norse Frigga (and possibly Ostara/Easter) in the middle ages. Hence the three birds, the Ibis, the Heron, and the Dove. I am no animal painter but have to say I'm happier with the birds than I am with her. The horns in the water are for Hathor. Isis often carried symbolism associated with that other goddess. I've been doing alot of black and white vrecently so this painting was an attempt to reassure myself with painting, I don't know whether it worked. I really had a struggle with this and am not sure I'm happy. The pose that I knew I needed was a pose I loathe aesthetically, and struggle with. Add to that a symetrical composition, which again I felt completely necessary, and here it is.


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