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Here you can see some of my mucking about and trying to learn the ropes with video editing.

Isis or Wset

I have a deep love of ancient Egyptian culture.

I wanted to see what I could do with a cutout animation style, chose pencil for speed and strong look in it's own right.

Partly what's on trial is what amount you get away with, can I have wiggling arms to represent opening doors and boxes, that kind of stuff?

Also mouths and talking, the area of this video that I was least happy with but I suspect that's down to the drawing.


One of my sons has fairly intense learning disabilities.

Without the many skills of learning, including words, what he is left with is a strange set of sensibilites. Perfect musical ear (albeit godawful taste), sense of rhythm, and appreciation of subtle aesthetics, and a fascination with lightplay look like they have been with at least some of us since before discovery of fire.

Much he shares with drug or stoner culture, something I'm not wild on really, but i wanted to do a video about him, and "stoner" felt right as a theme. We used to joke about him being from another planet, and there it is.

The music is mine, (even the zither was built by me).


Again, something probably quite ... well... "stonery". I like smoke, swirls, err things like that. Looks very 2001, which irritates me, as really I was just trying to use compositing to make something as down to earth as dominoes and an ecigarette look otherworldly.

again, my zither music.


In this video you get to see the very zither I keep banging on about.

And rain, lots of rain, but I think it has a happy feel to it.

I like to imagine that this has singing but currently doing both simultaneously eludes me, and I struggle for unembarrassing words.


Playing with compositing in a more formal way?

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