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I've not exhibited as much as I'd like, my excuse being that when I built video games I really needed to devote myself body and soul to that.

I did, however, manage to do quite a bit of artwork in this period.


Exhistation :: Leith Collective Gallery, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh (2019)

My first solo exhibition, the pillars gallery which is in the main area of Ocean Terminal.

Art for animals :: Breeze Gallery, Edinburgh (2018)

A collection of animal themed art for the animal charity OneKind.

Out of Sight Out of Mind :: Summer Hall, Edinburgh (2018)

A large Group exhibition relating to mental health issues.

Scottish Design Exchange, Edinburgh (2017)

Selling cards and books as well as original artworks.

Fife Art Exhibition, LochGelly, Fife (2010)

Art from all over Fife.

The Big gap while I made video games (2000-2016)

Still doing art but people ran around inside it playing.

Out of context :: GasWorks Gallery, London (1995)

A group exhibition with Nicola Greene, Justine Grice, Penny Hodson, Jairo Zaldua.

The Goat St Albans (1995)

A very good pub. Loved having my work here.


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