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Introducing the Flowerdew deck.

It is called the flowerdew deck because everyone that I've asked wanted it named thus.

This isn't the James deck, and if anything I've tried to reign my spirit/ego in with the idea of letting yous run wild.

The focus is on traditional french and italian decks predating the Ryder Waite, but with hints of modernity including Waite.

Reconciling medieval magic with the here and now.

Faith to the original system is tantamount to me.

Where tradition conflicts with modernity, including idealism, the traditional wins.

There are also elements that acknowledge the gaming nature of cards, sacred does not mean unwilling to play.

These are not currently publicly available, please get in touch if you want to know more.

However, things are afoot, so watch this space.

The clear and striking art style is intended to echo woodcut and possibly early c20th graphic design.

You can see a prototype deck here.

Future plans: The learner's deck with illustrated pip cards?

t: 07407 345 880 | e: james@jamesflowerdew.com

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